Our Courses

With the impact of revalidation it is important to demonstrate evidence of practice. For that reason J2S ensure that all of our courses provide the relevant competency frameworks or substantial portfolios for evidence of learning. General Practice needs ‘generalist nurses’ and our portfolio courses in long term conditions offer the clinician the opportunity to up skill in diabetes, asthma or COPD, enabling them to provide a "one stop shop" consultation for patients with long term conditions.

We offer a range of courses for all disciplines of staff from Health Care Assistants (HCAs) through to General Practice Nurses (GPNs), Community Nurses and Allied Health Professionals and work closely with education faculties including Bournemouth University and Health Education Wessex.

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How We Can Help

We can help you to update and improve your clinical knowledge and skills, increasing your confidence and competence to extend your practice further. As a small training company J2S pride ourselves on “that personal touch”. We don’t just deliver the content; we offer on going support and resources to help embed the learning for the individual and the team.

Who Should Attend?

We provide a wide range of training courses suitable for:

  • Doctors
  • Practice Nurses
  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Community Nurses
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Nursing and Care Home staff

Bespoke Training

Do you have a training need within your clinical team? We can provide in -house training updates in topics such as infection control or ear care.
Contact us with your request.

Clinical Skill Courses

  • Basic wound care for HCAs
  • Clinical skills update for HCAs
  • Cryotherapy: Principles and Practice
  • Ear care
  • ECG basic skills for HCAs
  • Mental health awareness in primary care – depression and anxiety 
  • New patient reviews and NHS health checks
  • Understanding dementia
  • Infection control

Clinical Skill Courses (injectables)

  • Administering Hydroxocobalamin (B12) injections for HCAs
  • Administering influenza vaccination (HCAs/GPNs)
  • Administering pneumococcal vaccination (HCAs/GPNs)
  • Clexane injections for HCAs

Advanced Clinical Skills

  • Introduction to physical health assessment
  • Introduction to prescribed medicines
  • Abdominal assessment and examination
  • Cardiac assessment and examination
  • Respiratory assessment and examination
  • Tissue viability and wound care for trained nurses
  • Doppler assessment and bandaging systems

Portfolio Based Courses

  • Foundations in Diabetes for GPNs
  • Foundations in Diabetes  for HCAs
  • Foundations in Respiratory Care for GPNs
  • Foundations in Respiratory Care for HCAs
  • Personal Portfolio Building / CPD

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