Wound Assessment, Barriers to Healing and Dressings Course

1 Day Course
Date: 31 March 2022 09:00
Ends: 31 March 2022 15:30
Venue: John Pounds Centre
Location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Places Remaining: 6

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This day will enable the practitioner to be able to carry out (using an evidence-based approach), a wound assessment & description to plan care for the patient and the wound (note: this day will not describe in detail all the types of wounds).

Focus will also be given on recognising barriers to healing, e.g. nutrition, wound infection, inflammation & biofilm formation. There will be a practical workshop on planning care and treatments eg. dressings, solutions, the formulary & skin protection using scenarios, outcomes; also to discuss appropriate review dates or referral.

This day is appropriate for the registered (GPN) and the unregistered (HCA) practitioner if it is part of their job role/expectation.

Learning Outcomes

The Practitioner will be able to:

  1. Undertake (or support) a Wound Assessment, identify stages of healing, the main wound tissue types, and devise an individual care plan, and advise if the patient is self-caring
  2. Recognise, understand, and treat barriers to wound healing and set realistic goals
  3. Identify the major components found in the wound bed that influence dressing choices, eg. action of dressings/products/solutions to maximise healing potential, lifestyle needs/expectations/pain levels etc.
  4. Be aware of the local Wound Formulary and products available.
  5. Know when to refer or seek help/support if needed via local policy/procedures/specialists and resources


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