Spirometry: Full Certificate for Registered Practitioners

2.5 Day Course
Date: 27 June 2022
Venue: Jound Pounds Centre
Location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Places Remaining: 10


This course spans multiple dates. Please refer to the main course description for the full programme dates.

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  27 / 28 June 2022,  9:00am - 3:30pm
  4 July 2022,  9:00am - 12:30pm

Spirometry is an essential lung function investigation used as part of the assessment and diagnosis of a range of lung diseases. This course is designed for healthcare professionals who are involved in the performing, recording and reporting of spirometry in adults who have not undertaken formal training or assessment in spirometry. It is aligned to the ARTP standards for provision of spirometry training and is delivered face-to-face over 2.5 days.

To be of clinical value, diagnostic spirometry must be quality assured and only performed by health care professionals who are assessed as competent, able to evidence they have achieved the standards established by the Association of Respiratory Technicians and Physiologists (ARTP).

It is recommended that applicants have basic computer skills (use drop down menus, select and accept options on a digital platform) and are able to understand and perform basic mathematical operations (multiplication, division, decimals and percentages) to successfully complete the ARTP assessment process. 

Course Content

  • 2.5 days face-to-face training to provide knowledge and practical skills in spirometry
  • Application to the ARTP to complete assessment of competence
  • ARTP spirometry manual (awaiting release of latest edition)
  • Monthly tutorials via digital platform to support and guide through the ARTP assessment process
  • Tutorial support via email throughout the ARTP assessment process
  • Opportunity to observe a spirometry clinic where possible and appropriate

Learning Outcomes

  • Basic anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the respiratory system
  • Definitions of common spirometric values and reference values
  • Infection prevention and control pertaining to spirometers and performance of the test
  • Quality controls
  • Pre-test considerations and contraindications to testing 
  • Performance of spirometry
  • Accurate and relevant recording of the test
  • Accurate reporting and recording of the spirometric indices and graphical data for an appropriately trained clinician, responsible for placing the results in clinical context, to use

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