Carla Astles
Respiratory Care

Carla Astles


  • RN (94H0109E)
  • Current Student MSc pathway Advanced Clinical Practice (Nursing) Southampton University; Dissertation. Completed equivalent of PG Dip Advanced Clinical Practice August 2019
  • NMP  2016
  • ARTP Spirometry registration; entry 2014
  • Asthma and COPD modules Education for Health; 2004/2006
  • Dip HE Nursing; Adult (1997)

Brief Outline of Experience

Carla qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1997 and has experienced a variety of roles, the core focus being primary care having accepted her first post as a Practice Nurse 10 months after qualifying.  Areas of work include General Practice Nurse/Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Respiratory Educator Nurse, (CCG commissioned role and independent), Respiratory Nurse Researcher (NIHR), Prison Nursing and a Medical-Legal role. Carla has completed all taught modules (equivalent of PG Dip) and is currently writing a Dissertation for the pathway leading to an MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Nursing).

Current roles include working as an ANP in General Practice as part of both the urgent care team and respiratory nurse within the Practice. Carla’s current roles in respiratory education include a Respiratory Nurse Trainer role with Education for Health and independent work with Pharmaceutical companies. Carla is Co-Lead for the Southampton City Airways Forum [SCAF] and part of the Primary Care Respiratory Society [PCRS] Affiliated Group Leaders Committee.

Patient centred and evidence-based care forms the essence of both Carla’s clinical and education role. A spirit of enquiry and reflective competence means Carla seeks and values continual formal, informal and pragmatic learning opportunities from colleagues and providers. With change lies opportunity; Carla retains a vision that includes forward thinking, new methods and effort alongside ongoing appreciation and regard of colleagues.

Areas of Expertise

  • Asthma; Diagnosis, Management (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) and Monitoring (F2F, digital, telephone), Children and Adults
  • COPD; Diagnosis, Management (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) and Monitoring (F2F, digital, telephone)
  • The role of the Primary Care HCP and co-existing lung conditions, e.g. Bronchiectasis. Spotting the potential for and primary care assessment of breathing pattern disorders, sleep apnoea and seasonal or perennial rhinitis.
  • Spirometry
  • Inhaled Therapy: Devices and Medicines
  • HCP education on devices, patient assessment of device, consideration on class of drug and where drug molecule may need to be considered. Awareness of “green” agenda in prescribing inhaled therapy, SABA overuse (RightCare)
  • Mentorship in Practice (joint clinical working and virtual patient review) in long term respiratory conditions and diagnosis

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